1. Why are you called Markham Food if you cover all of York Region?
    Markham is the largest municipality in York Region and the fourth-largest community within the Greater Toronto Area after Toronto, Mississauga, and Brampton (source). To us, it made sense to use this name because more people will likely be using this search term (as opposed to “York Region food”) online. Plus, it’s more catchy than any of the other city-food name combinations.
  2. Fine, but York Region has nine municipalities. Why don’t I see all of them being featured?
    Our page features user submissions. A large percentage of our audience just happens to dine in the Markham and Richmond Hill area, but we welcome photo submissions from all of York Region. If you have any, please share with us!
  3. My restaurant would like to work with Markham Food. How should we contact you?
    Take a look at our Advertise page and reach out to us by email!
  4. How do I contribute to your blog or send in my ideas?
    Check out our guest blogger page!
  5. Why haven’t you shared my Instagram pic submissions?
    We’ve had thousands of Instagram submissions, so it’s very likely that we missed yours. For a higher chance of getting notice, make sure that you hashtag us correctly (#markhamfood) and your profile is public so we can see your pics. Since we want to create an overall aesthetically pleasing page for everyone to experience, below are some tips we recommend if you want to have your photos featured on our page.
  • Include the names of the dishes and restaurant (also location, such as “Vaughan location”, if there are multiple; or geotag your pic).
  • The restaurant must be located in the York Region area because the purpose of Markham Food is to share the best uptown eats.
  • We prefer sharing full images with no borders for aesthetic purposes.  However, we do accept organized and clean collages (thin and white or no borders)
  • We love filters and editing (little to no text), but prefer the original, brighter photo in most cases. Try not to overdo your editing so everyone can see the food clearly. In some cases, we might brighten or sharpen your image for clarity.