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Best Hong Kong Milk Tea in Richmond Hill and Markham

27 September 2015

Hong Kong-Style Milk Tea. What’s not to love about it? Its richness from freshly brewed black tea, filtered many times right in front of your eyes, before being gently combined with creamy evaporated milk for that extra smooth touch. Served hot or cold, the taste is just incredible.

With many HK-style diners, bakeries, and restaurants here in York Region, there are so many places that offer this nice ice cold or steaming cup of HK-style milk tea. Here are my top 5 go-to spots in York Region when I’m craving this beloved beverage!

So Good Restaurant – 10 West Pearce Street, Richmond Hill, Ontario

Hai Tang Bakery – 7220 Kennedy Rd, Markham, Ontario

Marathon Cafe – 55 East Beaver Creek Rd #25, Richmond Hill, Ontario

Ocean Seafood Restaurant – 328 Highway 7 E Richmond Hill, Ontario

New City Restaurant – 8392 Kennedy Rd, Unionville, Ontario

Where’s your favourite place to get some good HK milk tea? Please share with us below!

Iced Hong Kong milk tea and iced lemon tea
Bottom: Hot Hong Kong milk tea

Written by guest blogger, Tiffanyeats_.

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