What is Stinky Tofu?

December 17, 2015

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Stinky tofu has a rule of thumb. The stinkier, the better.

My initial discovery, and unknown love for the pungent snack began after a documentary from Taste of Asia. My first bite came from Mama Bear in Richmond Hill. And my final love was found from the Hong Kong stinky tofu stand at the T&T Waterfront Market.

What is stinky tofu?
A definite acquired taste of tofu on an indepth fermentation journey.

What’s it like?
The slightly resisting bites are popularly served fried, but in other cases it can also be stewed, barbequed, as well as in it’s soft form. It carries a pungent odour, as descriptive as I can be. It is a mix between garbage and body odour.

Why should I appreciate it?
It consists of a complicated process that takes weeks or even months of love and labour to achieve the optimal end stank.

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There’s a wide variety and flexibility of brine combinations in the making of stinky tofu. Some have used Chinese medicinal herbs, dried shrimps, bamboo shoots, and even mountain water.

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Stinky tofu is usually priced at $6 to $8 at restaurants and is best accommodated with pickled cabbage, sweet soy sauce, and chilli sauce. There are a lot of spots in York Region that you can treat yourself! Enjoy a plate today.

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