5 Things You Should Stop Saying to a Food Blogger

April 3, 2016

I only seriously began food blogging recently (2015?), but I’ve written about and taken photos of food for over six years now. And by “seriously”, I just mean I’m posting more and more about food although I’m not really critiquing or offering reviews as thorough as my other amazing food blogging counterparts.

Throughout my years of documenting food, I’ve heard the same things said to me and my fellow blogger friends over and over again. Here are five of the most common phrases that us food bloggers are getting sick and tired of hearing. ; )

Markham Food Bloggers at Tapagria

Photo taken by Markham Food at Tapagria Restaurant
Left to right: @baoislife.to, @qqfoodjournal, @sincerelykn, @meetandeats

5 • FIVE

“How many photos do you need to take? Can we eat now?”

These questions are pretty much interchangeable (or sometimes said one after the other).

If there’s natural lighting, we can take our photos pretty quickly. However, we’re sorry if you get caught in a situation where we need to move your plate just to get that perfect shot! For some of us, withholding our hunger just comes naturally. That perfect photo – especially for a unique dish or a restaurant we’re visiting for the first time – is necessary for our social media pages and blogs. These shots help us help you discover new places to eat! Admit it – you’ve discovered one or two restaurants through our blogs/social media pages, right?

4 • FOUR

“Is there anything you wouldn’t eat?”

Personally, I’d eat almost anything (no bugs plz) placed in front of me. Pig blood (love it with chives), duck embryo (or balut) (love it dipped in salt & pepper), chicken feet (too much effort for too little meat, IMO)… you name it, I’ve likely tried or am interested in trying it.

With that said, I can promise you that each blogger has their own limits and many might not be open to trying “weird” things.

Markham Food Bloggers at Tapagria

Photo taken by Markham Food at Tapagria Restaurant
Left to right: @qqfoodjournal, @sincerelykn, @goodfoodtoronto, @feedmygains

3 • Three

“You must have so much fun getting all this free food at events/tastings!”

Well, yes and no. Sure we get a lot of free food, but many agencies and restaurants expect us (especially if we have large social media followings) to post photos onto our pages. Though we’re never under any obligation to post (unless we’re paid and have signed a contract), most of us do post “for free” out of courtesy, to thank the restaurant, or simply just to share good food and reviews with our audiences.

So yes, we do get tons of food and drinks, but technically, they’re not free if we’re expected to post (or “work” for it).

As a side note, for the restaurants and agencies who are reading this, never follow up with bloggers with, “So when are you posting?” right after an event – ESPECIALLY if you didn’t pay them or it wasn’t originally communicated on your invite. Taking photos, editing them, writing captions, and posting take a lot of time and energy. Sometimes, it can take weeks before a photo goes live, but other times, things aren’t posted simply because our photos weren’t good, we didn’t like your stuff, or we forgot.

Markham Food Bloggers at Tapagria Restaurant

Photo taken by Markham Food at Tapagria Restaurant
Left to right: @cjnoms, @baoislife.to, @goodfoodtoronto, @sincerelykn

2 • Two

“You eat out a LOT! How much money do you spend on food? Do you even cook?”

We dooooo eat out a lot, but that’s because we love to! Why else would we become food bloggers? There are a few different types of us though:

  1. The types who are so popular that they’re invited to tastings almost every night, so it looks like they’re spending a lot of money at restaurants.
  2. Those who love trying new places out and don’t wait for an invite to do so. They spend their own cash at restaurants so that they can write reviews and take photos for their audiences.
  3. Those who are invited to a handful of menu tastings, but also enjoy eating out on their own as well as cooking at home.
  4. And we can’t forget about this type – the ones who cook and share recipes! These food bloggers probably spend more money on groceries than eating out (which is actually a lot cheaper).

Regardless of what type of blogger we are, why should our finances affect you? Everyone has their interests – toys, cars, handbags, etc. – and food happens to be ours!

1 • One

“How are you not fat? / Why are you so skinny?”

This is probably THE most common question most of the smaller-framed food bloggers get asked a lot. While it does look like we eat out a lot, a lot of the photos we share aren’t even of our own dishes. When we go out to eat in a group, we take pics of each other’s dishes (and sometimes have a bite from each other’s plates) just so we have content to post.

I get this comment all the time. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t actually find it annoying and I’ve never been offended by it… but I just never have a good response!

Have an opinion? Comment below! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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